The Vacances Bleues Group

The Vacances Bleues Group
Founded in 1971 in Marseille and originating in associative tourism, the Vacances Bleues Group strives to develop a particular holiday philosophy and continues to forge bonds with you and the places where you stay. We believe in the strength of responsible tourism, giving you the chance to live unique experiences in places full of character.
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Holidays lie at the heart of our story

In 1971, the Sud Vacances Association was created for a clear purpose: to facilitate holiday travel for families from Marseille. The project was soon up and running. In 1982, we opened our 'Les Horizons du Lac' holiday village, previously called Serre-du-Villard, in proximity to Lake Serre Ponçon.

Year after year, Vacances Bleues continued developing its product in France, regularly adding new sites to its brochure. Today, Vacances Bleues owns 24 properties located in some of the finest destinations in France.

An offering that goes beyond French borders

Ten years after it was founded, Vacances Bleues further extended its product range by adding cruises and holidays abroad to its brochure. The common theme throughout was that a holiday should be an opportunity to forge strong bonds, enriched by conviviality and new experiences.

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In 2000, Vacances Bleues launched its 'Voyager Autrement' ('A different way to travel') programme, a brand of equitable and responsible tours for a different travel experience: long itineraries combining cultural riches and encounters with the local players in the places visited.

850 hosts at your service

Today, Vacances Bleues is proud to have more than 850 people working as part of our teams. Trained and supported throughout their careers with us, they are on hand all year round to ensure you enjoy marvellous experiences and wonderful holidays.

And since we advocate a type of tourism that respects people and places, we prioritise local recruitment. Cooks, receptionists, entertainers... on average, more than 70% of the staff working in any of our holiday properties will be from the surrounding area.

All of our properties have a tale to tell and bonds to unveil

Our difference: unique places for enchanting holidays

With Vacances Bleues, you don't just go on holiday... you live an experience. Whether you stay in France or go abroad you will discover authentic experiences in our hotels, clubs or residences; you will feel the soul of the place and marvel at the outstanding location. Every year, to keep the magic alive, we invest an average of 3.5 million euros renovating properties that could be your next holiday destination...

We are currently in the process of renovating the Hotel Provinces Opéra. We think you'll be delighted with the result.