Vacances Bleues' commitments

Vacances Bleues' commitments
Our priority is to enable everyone to go on holiday and forge memorable, long-lasting bonds during their trip.
Our mission is to encourage pleasurable experiences and convivial experiences wherever and whenever our guests stay.

VB stands for holidays for all. In other words, equitable tourism.

We believe it is our duty to offer everyone the possibility of going away on holiday. We are therefore committed to offering a range of products to suit every budget.

And when we talk about the budget-conscious, we definitely do not mean skimping on quality; on the contrary, we promise excellent value for money across all our properties and at all times.


In keeping with the social vocation of its origins, Vacances Bleues is today a partner of the charity association Les Petits Frères des Pauvres. Our commitment to them is materialised in three ways:

  • Financial support to the value of €15,000 per year, to encourage socially isolated older people to go on holiday.
  • Openings at our hotels that allow the association to train workers in various hospitality skills, helping ensure better reintegration into the labour market.
  • A suggested donation during the booking process.

VB stands for travelling differently: responsible and associative tourism

Every year, we pay €10,000 to our Voyager Autrement partner associations in support of their efforts to develop the countries and populations involved in our programmes.

VB stands for local experiences: Vacances Bleues' corporate social responsibility commitments

More and more of you are choosing to book short tours and consume local products. And you're right to do so! From the very start of the Vacances Bleues adventure, we have been prioritising local producers and artisans and we are committed to continuing our effort.

In order to boost the local economies of the places where we operate, we make a point of working with a minimum of 10 local producers and creators. Artisanal lemon jam in Menton, petits farcis and artisanal ice cream in Nice, traditional brioche in Vendée, Breton crepes, honey produced on Paris rooftops, and cheeses and wines from Savoie. Our properties all contribute, on their own scale, to boosting local dynamics, giving you the chance to discover regional gems and expertise.

Discover our cuisine

During your stay you can take the opportunity to appreciate live cooking demonstrations and local farmers' markets. These are very special moments when you can meet the people who provide the delicious products that you will enjoy during your stay.

VB stands for living together

With Vacances Bleues, family stories are written and repeated year after year. The bonds you forge during your holidays are precious and this is why we do everything we can to give you plenty of opportunities to get together with friends and family.

In order to strengthen bonds between generations, we are always dreaming up new services that will let parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren enjoy laughing and having fun together.


  • Le Parcours des Fées: an artistic, family-friendly ramble at Horizons du Lac.
  • Pampering Session for tender moments shared by mother and daughter or father and son at Villa Marlioz
  • Revisit your childhood with the great 'Children's Island' game and dinner at the Jardins de l'Atlantique.