Travel Gift Lists- TCS

Terms and conditions of sale for Travel Gift Lists

Introduction: Please note that the terms and conditions of sale for Travel Gift Lists supplement the Vacances Bleues general terms and conditions of sale, which are provided in all Vacances Bleues brochures and apply to Gift List holidays.

1/ A "Vacances Bleues Travel Gift List" account allows the recipient to purchase products or services from the Vacances Bleues reservation centre to the value of funds paid into the account by contributors.

2/ Gift List accounts can be created by recipients themselves or by a third party. When a third party creates a Gift List for someone else, the List will be opened in the name of the person creating the List and will state the recipient's full name and contact information. The recipient will receive a notification telling them that a Travel Gift List has been created for them.

3/ A Travel Gift List can have several named recipients. In such cases, one recipient is designated as the lead recipient and only that person will be authorised to make a reservation. The Gift List is freely transferable between recipients.

4/ Vacances Bleues cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible for any errors in the contact details of a recipient. Vacances Bleues must be notified immediately of any changes to address or contact details.

5/ The Travel Gift List is created in the name of a designated recipient. However, a recipient may transfer a Gift List to a third party by notifying Vacances Bleues of the full details of the new recipient, by registered mail and with acknowledgement of receipt, prior to departure. (NB: free transfer of the list is provided for in the general terms and conditions).

6/ Contributors may make contributions to the gift list by credit card, cheque, or in cash, by phone (on +33 (0) 825 39 49 59), or at a Vacances Bleues travel agency, by quoting the list number and the recipient's name. Making a contribution to the gift list does not constitute a purchase by the contributor; the purchase of a "gift" is made exclusively by the recipient.

7/ The recipient may request a statement of contributions by telephone, and a Travel Gift List statement will then be sent to them. The statement includes the following information: the identity of contributors, total value of contributions and, if you wish, the value of each individual contribution. For reasons of confidentiality, these amounts will not be disclosed by telephone.

8/ Travel Gift List funds are redeemable against all holidays and services offered through the Vacances Bleues reservation centre and Vacances Bleues travel agencies, within 18 months from the date on which the Gift List is created. This 18 month period may be extended once for a period of (12 or 18 months). In the event that no reservation is made within the 18 month reservation period, or any extension thereof, the Gift List funds will be forfeited. A statement of contributions and a reminder of the deadline for reservations will be posted out to the recipient 30 days before the Travel Gift List expires. The Travel Gift List account cannot be accepted as a payment method in Vacances Bleues hotels and accommodation or online. If the value of funds in the Gift List is less than the cost of the desired booking, the balance may be paid by credit card, cheque, in cash or by other payment voucher. If the value of funds in the Gift List is greater than the cost of the trip, the recipient will receive a "credit voucher" valid for a period of 18 months.

9/ Travel Gift List funds cannot be exchanged for monetary consideration of any form, either partially or in full, including foreign currency, and cannot be resold. Therefore, Gift List funds cannot be refunded.

10/ In the event that a reservation is cancelled, the terms and conditions of cancellation in the general terms and conditions will apply.

11/ The signatory declares that s/he understands that the personal information will be subject to automatic processing in accordance with the French Data Protection Act [loi Informatique et Libertés] of 6 January 1978, and that it may be used by Vacances Bleues and its partners. The signatory and/or the recipient have the right to access and correct personal information relating to them.