The Nice Carnival Festivities

The Nice Carnival Festivities
The Carnival of Nice is a winter adventure not to be missed. Colours, music and lights set the French Riviera ablaze, and La Fête des Citrons® is an irresistibly tangy celebration! A day to feast the eyes on lemons…

The Nice Carnival: a key celebration

From 13 to 27 February, the city of Nice comes alive with events played out all over the city, including float processions (corsos), parades and flower battles. This year, the Carnival representative will be the "King of the Beasts". In order to be as close as possible to the festivities, Le Royal, our 3-star hotel hosts you in rooms with a view of the sea or the old town of Nice, less than 10 minutes from the Place Masséna.

Taking place in Place Masséna and its Pavilion, the Carnival Corso is a local procession of floats decorated with countless lights. The high point of the carnival will be the last corso, which ends with the burning of the King: a tradition in Nice. The processions will take place on Sundays close to your 3-star hotel.

Emblematic of Nice, the flower battles are a riot of fun for young and old alike. Posted on the corso floats, costumed mannequins throw flowers of all sizes, shapes and colours to the crowd. The costumes especially created for the occasion are worthy of the stage, while the 100,000-odd flowers thrown are sure to embellish quite a few interiors. The only one of its kind, this is a show you really must see!

And lastly, to make Nice shine out even at night, the illuminated carnival corso will lighten the darkness so that everyone can admire its floats. The lit-up float processions also provide an opportunity to visit the old town in the moonlight.

La Fête du Citron® in Menton: a unique even

In Menton, as well as all the joy and sunshine in the little streets, the famous Lemon Festival celebrating lemons and acidulous citrus fruits is scheduled for 13 to 27 February. The theme for 2021 will be Fantastic Worlds.

Come and watch float processions "with added vitamins", stroll in the Jardins de Biovès and admire the magnificent ephemeral sculptures, not to mention the glittering gardens of light. These bright orange and yellow creations require 145 metric tons of citrus fruit and involve 300 professionals, who position the fruits one by one to build these wonders!

The festival takes place during the February holidays: an opportunity to organise a break in the South of France outside the crowded summer months. From your hotel in Menton in the centre, facing the sea, you can get to the festivities and the beach on foot in a few minutes. Admire the parade on the Promenade du Soleil and marvel at the amazing sculptures also clad in yellow and orange.