Holiday gift vouchers
Holiday gift vouchers

What about our holiday gift vouchers?

You’ve tried the Vacances Bleues experience and were more than happy with it. Why not give friends or family the chance to enjoy their own holiday fun?

Treating your loved ones to a trip couldn’t be simpler with our gift vouchers. They can be used to pay all or part of the cost of their next holiday with Vacances Bleues. It’s a chance for your family or friends to take that trip they’ve always dreamed of— in France or abroad.

Pay for all or part of your loved ones’ next holiday

They are plenty of opportunities to treat the ones you love — Christmas, Valentine’s day, mother’s or father’s day, birthdays, weddings and so on. The trick is choosing just the right gift.

Our holiday gift vouchers are a sure-fire way of getting it right and making sure your loved ones’ get the chance to make more precious memories.


Vacances Bleues vouchers are also a great corporate gift idea. For example, you run a business and want to thank a hard-working employee, offer a retirement gift or a prize for a corporate challenge or incentive scheme: our vouchers are an ideal solution.

We also have special works’ committee offers on our dedicated web page.


With our selection of cruises, weekend breaks, spa treatment, holidays abroad or in France, you can give someone a treat but let them choose when and where they want to go.

The gift vouchers can be used as payment for a holiday selected from the destinations available in our Vacances Bleues travel brochure.

And to make things even simpler, you choose the exact amount you wish to offer.

How to order a Vacances Bleues gift voucher

Simply download and print out the coupon.

Once you’ve filled it in, post it with your payment (bank/postal cheque or cheque from the official French ‘holiday voucher’ scheme) for the amount of the gift voucher to the following address:

Vacances Bleues Chèques Cadeau 
32 rue Edmond Rostand, 
BP 217 13431 MARSEILLE Cedex 06

Mode de règlement :
  • Bank cheque
  • Postal cheque
  • Cheque from the official French ‘holiday voucher'

By return mail, we will send you a gift voucher bearing your selected amount and the name of the person you want to give it to.

The voucher will be valid for the purchase of a holiday from the Vacances Bleues central reservations office for 18 months as from its issue date. Your chosen recipient can then use it to take a holiday abroad (in Asia, America or elsewhere) or in France.

The gift voucher is personal and is not transferable. It is not redeemable, exchangeable or reimbursable. It will not be accepted directly at the hotels or residences or for internet bookings. It is valid according to availability. The gift voucher must be sent to us at the time of booking for acceptance.

Next time you are looking for a gift, why not offer one of our Vacances Bleues gift vouchers!