Holiday Cancellation Insurance

How to report a claim?

  • For any claim concerning ASSISTANCE and INSURANCE notify VACANCES BLEUES

Contact us by phone at 0033(0), or visit the Vacances Bleues agency in Paris.

  • To report an INSURANCE claim during your stay 

(cancellation, transport delay, luggage, interruption of stay, holiday civil liability...)



Please go on the website and click on the "claim" section. ("sinistre" - "déclarer")
You will be able to declare your claim, download the supporting documents according to the reason of your claim, but also consult the status of your document.

Our partner ASSURENCO undertakes to reimburse you within 5 DAYS for ALL COMPLETE CLAIM REPORT!


To report an insurance claim, click here:  I NOTIFY MY CLAIM


  • To declare a claim ASSISTANCE during your stay

(medical expenses abroad, repatriation assistance...)

mutuaide assistance

You must immediately notify the medical assistance centre, available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day:

From France: 01 41 41 77 45 70 or from abroad: 0033 (0)1 41 77 45 70

Important : Without a prior call, your medical file cannot be processed.


Your multi-risk insurance - contract 4316

The conditions of sale are subject to Decree No. 94-490 of June 15th 1994 adopted pursuant to Article 31 of Act No. 96-645 of July 13th 1992 establishing the conditions for carrying out activities relating to the organization and sale of travel or stays, amended by Decree No. 2007-669 of  May 2nd 2007, in force as of March 1st 2008.

DIFFUSION TOURISM / VACANCES BLEUES  license no. 013000012, has concluded with MUTUAIDE ASSISTANCE, through ASSURINCO, the individual multi-risk contract no. 4316. You benefit from a very preferential rate: 3.50% of the total amount of the stay (invoiced per person, excluding insurance premium, booking fees and tourist tax).

If you have subscribed the insurance when you booked, you will not receive confirmation of the insurance subscription, your registration becoming final by collecting your payment, the debit from your account being proof of receipt.

You will then receive the general terms and conditions booklet for multi-risk insurance detailing the conditions for taking charge of the insurance. You can also download your insurance booklet here. (only French version)

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